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Our Adventure Options

riverine kayaking

Kayaking is one of our exciting adventures. The capsize drill is our mandatory safety protocol for riverine adventures on the Volta. The drill is also your pass to our 4km riverine forays around the Trident. You can do kayaking as a stand-alone adventure, or as part of our adventure cocktails.

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vulcan rock abseil

Around the bend from the foot of the Akosombo Dam is the 100-ft Vulcan Rock, an impregnable tower of ancient rock and unapologetic daring. After check-in at the Trident reception, a boat ride along River Volta takes adventurers to the dizzying height of the rock for the vertigo-inducing Vulcan Rock abseil.

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overnight camping

Our overnight camping adventure option is a two-day adventure that includes hiking up the Trident Peak to a spectacular view of our Island, abseiling the Vulcan Rock, paintballing on our Island and kayaking around our Islands. Evenings are spent telling fireside stories and gazing at the stars. The tented camp has all an avid adventurer needs, and the next morning’s adventure includes more water-based adventure activities.

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Paintballing on the Trident Island delivers epic day-out sessions for players. We have the coolest jungle-themed game zones, state-of-the-art combat gear and markers, and a highly organized professional team. And during long holiday weekends, we have paintballing wars where gangs get to hang out in a full combat weekend in tournament mode.

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Adventurer Reviews

  • Five stars any day! I had an amazing experience. The staff are kind, considerate, courteous and very professional. They give you the full adventure experience, and a couple of fragments if you're unable to do everything. The experience is immersive and thoroughly enjoyable. Give it a try!

    Balpolam Idi
  • It was a great experience with JayJay and his Rangers. Their confidence in handling their business is one of the best I've experienced so far, and they are the best in their field.

    Ebenezer Antwi-Boadi
  • We had an amazing experience kayaking and swimming with these guys. They were wonderful, engaging, and the experience was one of the best things we've done on our trip so far. Don't miss out!

    Jennifer Gaskin
  • Best place to be any day. Team bonding activities at its best. Mountain hike, boat ride, abseiling, paintballing and kayaking at its best.

    Simon Alemawor
  • Uber amazing team! JayJay and his crew are the most professional team I have experienced in a long while. They are super patient and understand their work! Also, the adventure experience is on another level.

    Abena Yalley

The Location

The Trident is located in Akwamufie, and on the 2km Island that stretches from near the Adome Bridge to the river banks of Akwamufie. We are a two-hour drive from Ghana’s capital, Accra on the Akosombo Road. Our unique location makes us the ideal for outdoor adventure experiences in Ghana.

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