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Our Adventure Options

riverine kayaking

Kayaking is the primary adventure you will have after you complete check-in formalities at the reception of the Trident. The capsize drill is our mandatory safety protocol for our adventures on River Volta. The drill is also your pass through the 3km riverine foray to the Island of the Trident where the other adventures will challenge everything you have so far believed about yourself.

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adome bridge abseil

The abseil off the iconic Adome Bridge is an intense 25-metre drop to a boat underneath the suspension bridge. After transfering into the kayaks and the photoshoot, the riverine foray begins until arrival at the Island of the Trident 3km along the Volta where the paintballing and obstacle course adventures will challenge you further, unless abseiling was all you signed up for, in which case a short boat ride will return you to the reception of the Trident.

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overnight camping

Our overnight camping adventure option includes a hike up the Akwamu Gorge’s highest peak to a spectacular view of the Adome Bridge and the Volta River. The descent ends at the Bridge for the abseil to the river below and transfer into kayaks for the mandatory capsize drill and the 3km riverine foray to the Island of the Trident. The tented camp has all an avid adventurer needs, and the adventure will never end until the next day when the full gauntlet of adventure offerings are exhausted on the Trident.

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Adventurer Reviews

  • I was blown away by the quality of Ghanaian meals we prepared on our overnight adventure. Yam and palava sauce was my favourite and I loved that there were vegan options for my daughter.

    Mark Antiaye
  • The Rangers really know their stuff. I loved their no-nonsense attention to the safety of all of us, and they made even the capsize drill feel like a lot of fun! I'm definitely coming back with my family.

    Mary Henaku
  • Paradise! Adventurous! Rewarding

    Nana Owusu Agyeman

The Location

The Trident is located on the 2km island to the immediate left of the Adome Bridge as one turns right from Atimpoku at the round-about, or left from Akosombo at the Atimpoku round-about. We are an hour and a half’s drive from Ghana’s capital, Accra along the Akosombo Road. Our central location makes us the ideal for kayaking and adrenaline adventures in Ghana.

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