Overnight Camping

A true adventure experience

the adventure cocktail

The overnight camping adventure option offers a cocktail of adventure disciplines. We first start with a two-hour mountain hike to the topmost peak in the Akwamu Gorge, the string of mountains overlooking the Atimpoku township. Campers will descend the mountain to the abseil off the Adome Bridge. The kayaks will be waiting underneath, and passing the mandatory capsize drill is the ticket to the 3km kayaking foray to the island of the Trident for camping and to engage all of the island’s challenging adrenaline activities.

the camping experience

When campers arrive on the island of the Trident, they will set up their tents, designate cooking and dining areas, and prepare for life in the Ghanaian outdoors. Campers will cook their own meals in groups, learn to live with total strangers and make lasting friendships. There will be campfires for storytelling, and a lot of fun on the Trident. Hammocks will also be available for sleeping under the moon and stars.

Overnight Camping


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