Riverine Kayaking

Adventure Description

Kayaking on the Trident is the only adventure option that does not start mandatorily at 8.30AM. This means one may choose any one-hour period between 8.30AM and 5PM, Sundays to Thursdays, and up to 2PM on Fridays.

Our kayaking adventures begin with an introductory class on paddling techniques and water safety protocols. Then the trip starts across the 600m expanse of River Volta through the channel between the Trident Island and a break-away Island to our right. The return to open water involves a capsize drill that is mandatory and assures safety in an emergency on the river.

Riverine Kayaking costs 317-GHS/adult and 252-GHS/child. Kayakers should pack the following for their adventure:

  • Change of clothing
  • Good outdoor walking sandals
  • Hat or cap
  • Sun cream
  • Sun glasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Non-disposable water bottle

Riverine Kayaking


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