Riverine Boat Cruise – Night

Adventure Description

Night cruises are special: you get to see either the monumental Akosombo Dam or the iconic Adomi bridge under the cover of night; sights only a few people can boast of sighting so far, and we all know night parties are the best!

Our night cruises begin from the Trident reception and go around our Island and offer trips either to the Akosombo Dam or to the Adomi Bridge. Each cruise is a 45-minute exciting experience on the MV Trident, and there are a maximum of 20 non-crew passengers per cruise. Our cruises do not tolerate alcohol and smoking.

Night Cruises start at 6.30PM and end at 10PM each night except Friday nights when we offer no cruises.

Cruises cost 631-GHS/ adult and 300-GHS/ child. Groups of people or individuals can have exclusive parties and private cruise bookings, day or night per hour. Cruise costs include 3-course refreshments as part of the package.

We highly recommend that Cruisers present with the following when coming:

  • Good outdoor walking shoes (no slippers or slip-ons)
  • Non-disposable water bottle
  • Extra cash for dinner
  • No alcohol!

Boat Cruise – Night


jay jayBoat Cruise – Night