get your game face on

Command Your Troop

Don’t just stand there, armed to the teeth in a paintball gun, a vest and a hopper full of ammo. Apply the best strategies. Hold your ground. Command your troop. And eliminate your opponents until you have captured their flag and won the day. This is what Paintballing on the Trident Island is about. At 631-GHC, get your game face on and come and prove what you’ve got, or stand aside and let your betters pass because this is war!

Fight in a Tournament

At the tournament level, and for only 1,263-GHC, you either present with your trusted gang or team up with others here on the Trident and take the war to your opponents, and their opponents, until there’s only one gang standing to make away with the opponents’ flags and the tournament tilapia or goat. Come with a sense of adventure for the boat ride to the Trident Island¬†and let’s see what you’re made of.


From: 631.00