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  • The Olympus GHS 628/adults-503/kids

    The Olympus requires some appreciable level of outdoor fitness, and is the full package of Adventures at the Trident. It includes a total 2km Hike to and from the Trident Peak, a boat-ride and an Abseil off the 100-ft Vulcan Rock. Olympus finishes off with a Paintball battle on the Island and a 4km Kayaking foray from the Island to the Reception of the Trident.

  • The Odyssey GHS 503/adults-440/kids

    The Odyssey is the option of the steep but short 2km Hike to Trident Peak, in addition to a Paintballling battle and the 4km Kayaking foray around our Island.

  • The Athena GHS 440/adults-377/kids

    The Athena option involves Kayaking to our Island and engaging in the Paintballing contest on the Island.

  • Vulcan Rock Abseil GHS 377/adults-314/kids

    This adventure option involves a Boat ride and a 100-ft Abseil adventure off the dizzying Vulcan Rock around the bend from the Akosombo Dam.

  • Overnight Camping GHS 1,067/adults-753/kids

    The two-day overnight camping adventure option offers a cocktail of residential adventure disciplines including mountain hiking, peak abseils, paintballing, kayaking and tent camping on the Trident Island.

  • The Vulcan GHS 377

    This adventure package involves the 2km mountain Hike of the steep but short Trident Peak, a boat-ride, and the Abseil off the 100-ft Vulcan Rock.

  • Paintballing GHS 377

    We'll arm you with face shields, paintball guns and vests. A boat ride will take you to and from our Island for your battle.

  • The Poseidon GHS 440/adult - GHS 377/kids

    The Poseidon combines our 100-ft Vulcan Rock Abseil by boat ride with our 4km Kayaking foray around our Island.

  • Riverine Kayaking GHS 252/adult - GHS 189/kids

    Kayaking on the Trident is a one-hour riverine foray around our Island and includes a mandatory capsize drill and a lot of water-based fun.

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