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  • The Poseidon GHS 300/adults-200/kids

    The Poseidon offers the boat ride to, and the abseil off, the Adome bridge; and the 3km kayaking foray to the island of the Trident.

  • The Odyssey GHS 400/adults-300/kids

    The Odyssey is the option of the full gauntlet of kayaking, paintballling, and obstacle course adventures on the Trident, including the abseil off the iconic Adome Bridge.

  • The Athena GHS 300/adults-200/kids

    The Athena option excludes the Adome bridge abseil but involves kayaking to the island of the Trident and engaging in the paintballing and obstacle course challenges.

  • Adome Bridge Abseil GHS 150/adults-100/kids

    This is the adventure option of only abseiling off the Adome Bridge to our double-decker boat, with photography happening every step of the way.

  • Overnight Camping GHS 600/adults-450/kids

    The overnight camping adventure option offers a cocktail of adventure disciplines including mountaineering, suspension bridge abseils and tent camping on the Trident.

  • Chalet Lodging GHS 600/night

    This is an extremely limited accommodation option and are independently priced from our adventures. Our chalets are self-catering units and take couples or very small families.

  • Paintballing GHS 150

    We'll arm you with face shields, paintball guns and vests. The boat ride will take you to the Trident Island for your battle.

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